We pride ourselves on being able to offer an informed opinion on many types of investments but we specialise in advising our clients when investing in listed direct investments.

We believe that direct investment in shares and bonds give clients access to the long term performance of these types of investments without the complicated fees charged by fund managers or banks when they structure complicated investment vehicles.

Direct investment in shares and bonds also gives clients far more control if their situation or goals change.

  • “Our Authorised Financial Advisors have over 40 years of experience in the markets and specialise in offering unbiased investment advice to our clients.”

  • “We offer both personalised advice with portfolio management and ongoing analysis and a basic execution service for clients that are happy to make their own investment decisions.”

  • “Our central location in the CBD of Whangarei makes it easy for new or existing clients to pop in to discuss our latest investments ideas and the services that best suit you.”

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